Manage Your User Account

Manage Your User Account

Not yet a MyLO account user? You can register today! If your League is not listed, reach out to them to be listed on the Registration page. Your League webmaster will need to approve your account request before you get access to your League's private content.

Everyone who uses MyLO, whether they are a member of a League, a League Webmaster, or an admin on MyLO, will have their own personal user account on MyLO.

Accounts are not intended to be shared or transferred. They should be specific to the individual. When responsibilities change, then the roles on individual accounts will change. Here are the reasons for this:

  • Security: your user activity is tracked on the system, and if something bad happens with a specific user, the record enables us to quickly isolate the "bad actor" and recover the rest of the system (bad actor doesn't mean a bad person, necessarily)
  • Revision tracking: MyLO keeps track of the editing history on content, which is helpful for understanding the system
  • Membership, board members, staff, future functionality: future functionality that will promote members, present board members, and more is likely, and this functionality makes it easy to quickly track this information

Please do not create a generic account or share your account with anyone. There is absolutely no reason to do this, and if you do, you limit the potential of MyLO for your League, and you begin to introduce security risks.

Please see this 6 minute video that covers your personal user account, how to change your password and add your personal information. Remember: your contact information does not display on your profile.

Basic Instructions

Your password

  • Your password should be a minimum of 10 characters in length.
  • The best passwords will be really long random strings that you can easily memorize, such as parrots-wedding-green-homunculus. Passwords that combine characters, uppercase, and numbers, such as v0TinGis4maZing, will also be stronger than simple passwords.
  • Do not use pets or childrens names and birthdays in your passwords.
  • When you enter your password into the two fields, they will show as not matching until you complete typing the full password (and they match)

Your personal information

  • Your address, phone number, and email address will not display to the public. This is just in case MyLO is ever able to spend resources to create an effective user directory, and it also enables your League's managers to get in touch with you as needed.
  • Your photo, bio, and roles set for Leagues will display to the public, though they are not being used in any functionality at this time. This is intended for future functionality, such as Member Stories and displaying Committee Boards or League staff.

You will not be a part of a League by default. Once you create your account, you will need to contact your League to tell them your account exists and ask them to add you.

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