Managing your League's Landing Page

Managing your League's Landing Page

Click to watch a video about managing your League's home page.

Your League site's homepage is built dynamically from three elements:

  1. Slideshow. Slideshow Images dispay at the top of the text, below the page title. If there is more than one image, then they automatically rotate. See the Slideshow page for more information.
  2. The main body text. This is the only section that is built when you edit the home page. The other elements of the home page are created elsewhere. It is best if you keep this sort, ideally a 2-3 sentenece paragraph, and style it with the "special" style.
  3. The 10 most recent (or sticky) content items that have been promoted to front page — this will include the title, whatever image has been added to the image field (not in the content of the item), the teaser or summary, and a link to read more. Items are listed in descending chronological order by date and time of post, unless the post has been made "sticky," in which case it will appear at the top of the list. If you have more than one sticky item, they will display in descending chronological order.

Your home page is built this way so that the content will update dynamically and always feel "fresh" — even if you aren't able to keep it up to date as often as you'd like.

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