Protecting Email Addresses on the Site

Protecting Email Addresses on the Site

There is a lot of sensitivity about displaying email addresses on a website, for good reason. If an email address is culled by a spam-bot, individuals may start reciving so much spam that their addresses are no longer usable for genuine email communications. Personal contact information is also often worth protecting.

MyLO offers a few different ways of handling email addresses. 

Addresses are automatically obscured to bots

When an email address is written directly on the site, if a bot reads the site, they cannot see what a human sees. A human will see a clickable email address: 

Humans see email addresses as clickable and properly written addresses

A bot, on the other hand, will see plain text that is not identifyable as an email address:

Bots see email addresses written out as plain text, not as email addresses

Contact forms

If you do not want to write the email address out on the page and would rather use a contact form, you can use the Add Form functionality, linked from your Administer League menu. 

Our video documentation on building webforms has a lot of specifics on how to build a form, and if you want to skip ahead to the part on directing submissions so specific emails:

Members only content (private)

Another option that you have is to set your content to be "private" and visible to members only. Content set to be displayed to members only will only be visible (even as a link from the menu) when the user is authenticated as a member of the League. No one else will be able to access the content. If someone who hasn't logged in with their member accounts tries to see content they do not have access, they will be presented with a log in screen.

For more information on how members only content works, see this video:

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