League of Women Voters Meeting


Municipal Building - Courtroom
Monday, February 25, 2019 - 1:00pm
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Speaker: Robert Goodall, Acting Superintendent of Schools for Monroe Township

Superintendent Goodall will present information about the upcoming March 12 school referendum.
This meeting is open to the public.

Mr. Goodall, previously Principal at the Township’s high school, has since his appointment as Acting Superintendent, joined with the Board of Education in its effort to ensure that the community is fully informed about the new referendum prior to the vote.

The District seeks authorization to raise funds via the sale of bonds to finance expansion of the Township’s middle school and high school. The referendum will have two questions or options:

(1) build a new middle school at a cost of $75.6 million dollars; or

(2) build a new middle school and expand the high school at a projected cost of $146.1 million.

A referendum to fund building the middle school at a projected cost of $68 million was rejected in 2018.

The anticipated tax impact on Township property owners for building the middle school only is $48.81 per $100,000 of assessed value; and $92.76 per $100,000 of assessed value if the middle school is built and the high school expanded.


     On behalf of the Monroe Township School District, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank the League of Women Voters for their support and continued interest in our school district. The students continue to demonstrate success in and out of the classroom, achieving in the most rigorous of coursework, competitive success on our athletic fields and thrilling performances in marching band and drama productions. Our seniors at the high school are completing their college applications and we expect them to gain acceptance to some of the finest colleges and universities, allowing them to prepare themselves for success in the global economy. The investment by the community in our school district continues to allow our teachers and staff to engage our students, resulting in increases in student achievement and a preeminent education for all of our students.
     As Superintendent of Schools, my greatest joy is to visit our teachers and students in the classroom throughout the district.  Teaching is a very challenging profession that requires a passion for working with all children and a committed patience to allow for each child to grow on their own pace and readiness. I wanted to applaud the efforts this month of our dedicated special education teachers, especially in our early elementary autistic programs. The district was committed to providing all of the support and inclusive learning opportunities for students with autism to succeed in their own neighborhood schools. The dedication of our teaching staff and the incredible collaboration with parents of these students resulted our district providing in-district programs aimed to address the needs of our students with autism.
     The success of our district continues to encourage young families to live in Monroe Township. The Board of Education and the administrative team continue to prepare for the influx of more students each school year. The overcrowding at our middle school and high school mandates an expansion of our school facilities. The Board of Education passed a resolution to seek a referendum vote for our community on March 12, 2019. Residents will be asked to vote on a two-question referendum, a choice between a combined new middle school/high school addition or support only the new proposed middle school. The new middle school proposal remains on the previously mentioned Applegarth Road site and the needed addition to our high school which opened at capacity in 2011, will allow for the district to house the projected three thousand high school students.
     We are asking for your support for our new middle school and high school addition for the spring referendum on March 12, 2019. Details for the referendum will follow shortly, upon the completion of all required NJDOE submissions and final cost determination to assess the tax impact for township homeowners. The administrative team and Board of Education will provide a list of public presentations on the referendum. If your planned community is interested in hosting a presentation at your community clubhouse please contact me at 732.521.1500.

Robert Goodall
Acting Superintendent