Women's March on New Jersey


Trenton War Memorial
1 Memorial Drive
Trenton New Jersey
New Jersey US
Women's March
Saturday, January 19, 2019 - 11:00am

Free tickets available until Jan. 2 at 6pm. See the Monroe Township LWV Facebook page for ticket information: 

Visit us at https://www.2019womensmarchnj.org/ . 

Order your official 2019 WMONJ shirt and help us raise funds to cover march expenses: https://www.bonfire.com/2019wmonj/

Bus.com is providing bus service to and from the 2019 WMONJ. To purchase tickets and explore pricing, please visit https://www.bus.com/events/womens-march-nj.

The Vision/Mission of the 2019 Women's March on New Jersey is to bring together kindred spirits of women grounded in diversity and celebrating the unique beauty of our strengths and differences. We resist in assuming agency for the many women whose voices have been marginalized and silenced. In turn, we shall uplift the histories and contributions of each woman as we stand shoulder to shoulder, in search of common ground. We accept nothing less than an inclusive safe space to develop an authentic understanding of each other.

We are not here to condemn, denounce, assume or speak for others. We are here to accept, embrace, uplift and galvanize women of every hue, from every space, at any hour. Together we will grow to know that our various stories are as vital as they are valid. The gains for one mean nothing without gains for all. With clarity and some pain, we embrace a past when not all voices were listened to; in the hope of shifting the paradigm of privilege, so that missteps are not repeated.

Ours is a movement of authentic inclusivity. No woman will be left behind. Not because of her religion or her possible lack of education. Not for the color of her skin, her economic status or because of whom she loves. Our aim is to create a movement that resonates for the ages and that does not end as we return to our respective homes.

Our power lies in the strength of our hands and hearts – as we hold up half the sky. Our collective power lies in understanding that our differences are unique gifts that make up a rainbow that is bright, colorful, warm and all-encompassing. Together we strive to successfully accomplish what has not been accomplished before – an unyielding solidarity borne out of love, tolerance, understanding, support and mutual respect.