Human Trafficking Committee

Human Trafficking Committee

Human Trafficking

The committee's focus has been to bring awareness about the dangers and prevalence of Human Trafficking to our members and to the greater community. Human trafficking is a form of modern day slavery and it exists throughout New Jersey and our country, as well as being a global concern.

The LWVNJ studied this issue in 2013 and issued this statement at the conclusion of the study. "LWVNJ has adopted a consensus position on this issue to allow it, as well as local Leagues throughout New Jersey, to advocate on behalf of victims of human trafficking (modern day slavery). It is our hope that action taken by League members on local, state, and national level through concurrence, will make a difference in our society at large and in our communities throughout the country when it comes to abolishing human trafficking."

Our committee has worked to educate the Township through presentations in the Library, Senior Center and a League general meeting.

Our League is a member of the NJ Coalition Against Human Trafficking and two members of our committee serve on the Education and Health committees respectively of the Coalition.

On January 29, 2019, the committee presented a panel discussion to the public to coincide with the Human Trafficking Awareness Month in January. Our target audience was parents.

In order to make our committee and our events successful, we need the help and talents of our members. For more information, please send us an email with "Human Trafficking Committee" as the subject to: LWVmonroetwp [at]">LWVmonroetwp [at]

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