Juvenile Justice Committee

Juvenile Justice Committee

LWVNJ has been involved in advocacy for Juvenile Justice since the mid 70’s.  The League was a strong advocate for and supporter of the 1995 legislation that has led to the restructuring of New Jersey’s Juvenile Justice System  and its evolution into the system it is today. 

LWVNJ is committed to the position that:

  • Rehabilitation of youth offenders is the primary purpose of the juvenile justice system;
  • Rehabilitation efforts at the county and community level are most effective;
  • Rehabilitation requires a broad range of graduated sanctions and services;
  • Preventive initiatives to keep juveniles out of the system are critical; and
  • Measures must be taken to reduce the disproportionate representation of minority youth in the juvenile justice system.

If you have questions or wish to work with us as part of this committee, please contact us at lwvmonroetwpnj.org  Include "Juvenile Justice Committee" in the subject line.

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