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Take Action NOW!

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Following is current information on issues that need your attention and your active participation.

Humane Treatment of Asylum Seekers

The administration’s 'no tolerance' policy for asylum seekers has created constant fear and chaos for immigrant families while doing nothing to strengthen our national security. We call on Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform that includes a long-term plan for asylum seekers and a commitment to all refugees seeking freedom in our great nation.

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Push for Action on HR1 -- For the People Act

We encourage you to contact our U.S. Senators to push for action on HR1, the “For the People Act”. The U.S. House of
Representatives passed this sweeping reform bill that addresses voting, campaign finance, and ethics, but it has stalled in the U.S. Senate. Even if you believe your senator supports it, it is very important for them to know their constituents are behind them.

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Please Sign Our Petition to Support NJ Campaign Finance Reform

***UPDATE: The campaign finance transparency bill passed by the State legislature was given a conditional veto by the governor. Hopefully the differences can be worked out because transparency in the funding for political campaigns is sorely needed.***

The issue: We need to support campaign finance reform bills that advocate for more transparency and accountability in political donations.  

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Congress Must Pass the Dream Act NOW

It’s time for our leaders in Congress to reset the policy debate and pass the Dream Act. 

When President Trump ended the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program last year he created a crisis. It’s time for Congress to resolve this crisis by passing the Dream Act to ensure that 800,000 dreamers are protected. Dreamers are Americans and they belong in America. Congress must step up and take immediate action to protect them. 

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Tell Congress to Pass Sensible Gun Laws

It’s time to stop the violence. Legislation with common sense solutions to prevent gun violence will protect our children, our citizens and help restore our public confidence. Tell Congress to move forward with common sense gun legislation.

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