Voter Services Committee

Voter Services Committee

Voter Registration

Chair: Marsha Rosenbaum 

We work to register new voters and all others who need to complete a new registration form due to change of address, name or party affiliation. Also, we encourage voters to vote by mail if they will be out of town or for any reason that may preclude them from voting in person on election day. 

If anyone is interested in working at any of our voter services events, please send an email with "Voter Servies Committee" as the subject to:

A meeting was held on December 19, 2019. Following is a synopsis of our meeting:
We discussed the presentation that we will be doing for the honors program at the high school on February 20. Basic voting proce-dures, registration, vote by mail and other pertinent information will be included.

Another topic was the refurbishment of voting machines. At this time we have minimal information. We would like to possibly have a general meeting later this year when more information is available.
We will research to see if there are any current bills in place regarding the promotion of vote by mail.
Also we discussed on-line registration. The State League is promoting this endeavor. Possibly we can incorporate this with vote by mail into a future program.

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