Call to Action on Comprehensive Campaign Finance Reform

Call to Action on Comprehensive Campaign Finance Reform

Time Range For Action Alert: 
March 22, 2019 to December 31, 2019

Action Needed 

Now is finally the time for passing a small donor matching program and comprehensive campaign finance reform in Albany. Comprehensive reform should include effective independent enforcement and reasonable limits on contributions to restore public faith in the system. 

Negotiations for the State Budget are now occurring.  Please call your Assemblymember and Senator and urge them to follow through on their past promises and finally fix New York's broken campaign finance system in the final budget.                               


For years New Yorkers have been frustrated by the deplorable condition of our state's campaign finance system and the oversized influence of wealthy donors. Comprehensive campaign finance reform is the change New Yorkers so desperately need. For decades the League has tirelessly worked for this end.  This legislature now has before it a historic opportunity to make sweeping improvements including a small donor matching program to our broken campaign finance system, a system which has for far too long undermined democracy and sown public distrust in government. 

Both houses have supported a small donor matching program in their proposed budgets for 2019-2020. The Assembly has passed small donor matching many times over the years. We need you to contact your State Senator and Assembly person to make sure that both houses follow through this year and pass small donor matching and comprehensive reform in the final budget. The budget deadline is April 1.