LWVNYS State Board Updates (SBUs)

LWVNYS State Board Updates (SBUs)

Released five times a League year (July to June), the State Board Reports (SBU) provide an update from the Board of Directors on their respective projects or programs. Also, issued with the SBR is State News which is a quick summary of state League activities print-ready for local League newsletters. 

JULY 2020-JUNE 2021

SBU/ October 2020

SBU/ September 2020

SBU/ August 2020

SBU/ July 2020

JULY 2019-JUNE 2020

SBU/ May 2020

SBU/ April 2020

SBU/ March 2020

SBU/ February 2020

SBU/ January 2020

SBU/ December 2019

SBU/ November 2019

SBU/ October 2019

SBU/ September 2019