You can take a New Yorker out of the city...

But you can still complete the Census for the city you love!

If you left NYC because of COVID or any other reason-- for a temporary stay at friends or family or at a weekend or seasonal home -- you should still fill out your Census2020 questionnaire based on your usual residence, not necessarily where you were on April 1, 2020. 

The Census Bureau defines “usual residence” as a place which might be other than where you were on April 1, 2020 – Note that April 1, Census Day, is really just a date that anchors who was alive as of that date and where their “usual residence” was.

If you have not responded already, do so now! 

If you responded incorrectly using the out-of-town address, it is easy to correct the mistake.  The Census Bureau will identify and correct duplicate responses.

To respond

  • Call the telephone number provided by Census2020 (844-330-2020, 844-468-2020 in Spanish)
  • Fill out the online form at my2020census.gov.

For more comprehensive information, as well as how you respond to Census2020 for an out-of-town temporary residence, please go to:  How to Complete or Revise your Census2020 Responses if You Left NYC Temporarily, or view our Webinar on the topic.

NYC badly needs the money and representation that are allocated based on the Census. The many people who left town and didn’t respond to the census based on their usual residence in NYC are depriving the Big Apple of those resources – money for hospitals and schools! Census response rates for NYC are down considerably compared to 2010, largely because of this undercount.

Please fill out your census form correctly now! It should only take a few minutes.

Learn how to complete or revise your Census2020 response if you left New York City temporarily. Having an accurate count will help New York City have a just and equitable recovery, so make sure you're counted in NYC!