Guide to Census2020 | Guide to Revising Census2020 Responses
Census2020 Palm Card | Tarjeta de palma del Censo2020

Make sure you are counted, New Yorkers!

As the city reels from the effects of Covid-19, your missing census count can end up costing low-income families $1B in reduced federal funding for hospitals, education, job training, child care and housing. Do your part, make it right, spread the word!

Hour Children and the LWVNYC Census Language Project have some videos that help explain why everybody should complete Census2020. Whether you've been here a long time or just arrived, counting everyone helps everyone.

Watch women recently released from incarceration explain why they're getting counted.

Ashmi Sheth, LWVNYC Vice President of Membership, tells her story about the importance of Census2020.

Tayra Vionette, la Coordinadora de Diseño Gráfico y Redes Sociales de la LWVNYC, y su hermana explican por qué están completando el Censo2020.



Regardez une vidéo expliquant l'importance du Recensement 2020