Election Information

Election Information

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You Can Still Vote in Person Even if You Request an Absentee Ballot


Please note, we will be updating this page frequently as Covid- 19 related voting and election changes are introduced.


The State Legislature has passed a bill allowing all voters to request an absentee ballot for the 2020 General Election. Stay tuned for updates.

Important 2020 Election Dates:

  • Oct 9: Last day to register for 2020 General Election by mail and in person
  • Oct 24-Nov 1: Early voting for 2020 General Election
  • Nov 3: 2020 General Election
  • There are multiple ways to request your absentee ballot! Click here for more info.

How do you apply for an absentee ballot in NYC?  

As New York State voting and election regulations adapt to new conditions presented by the pandemic, we want voters to be as empowered as possible. To that end, we put together a comprehensive manual on how to apply for an absentee ballot in NYC. You can access it by clicking here. You can also access this manual in Spanish!

Who are my candidates?

Visit vote411.org and plug in your address to find all of the relevant races and candidates in your district! 

What is early voting? 

You can cast your vote prior to Election Day! Early voting will begin 10 days before Election Day, run for nine consecutive days, and end the Sunday before election day. Early voting for the November 3rd General Election will run from October 24th - November 1st. 

How do I find my early voting site? 

Find your early voting location by using a poll site locator, here, or check the list of early voting locations by county here.

Please note that your early voting poll site is likely different than your usual election day voting location and may even be different from the location where you have previously voted early.

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Become a Poll Worker

Poll workers (election inspectors) conduct assigned duties at a polling site on Election Day. Duties can include issuing ballots to registered voters, registering voters, monitoring the voting equipment, explaining how to mark the ballot or use the voting equipment or counting votes. All positions are paid including the required training.

Apply online or download the application below:

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