Economic Development

  • Support programs and policies that would assure that Public Authorities be representative, accountable and subject to open government laws and regulations
  • Support Business Improvement Districts (BIDS) when a majority of local business owners determine that a BID can provide supplemental services and job opportunities which cannot be provided with city resources. BIDs should be held accountable to and audited by appropriate city government agencies, required to hold annual meetings for their company and required to submit to public hearings and ballot approval before BID contracts are renewed by the city. At least 51% of the BID members must approve the renewal.
  • Support commercial rent regulation that will provide a reasonable solution to the problem of steadily rising commercial rents. The League supports commercial rent legislation which promotes economic opportunity and development, sets forth criteria for the determination of reasonable rent increases and negotiation of lease terms, and is fair to both the landlord and the commercial tenant.
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The City of New York