Election Law

  • Support public financing of campaigns; a voluntary program of public matching funds for small donations
  • Support comprehensive campaign finance reform and establishment of an independent, rigorous enforcement regime to ensure compliance
  • Support full disclosure of campaign contributions and expenditures
  • Oppose term limits for elected city officials.
  • Support continuation of run-off elections for Mayor, Comptroller and Public Advocate, which may be achieved through Instant Runoff Voting.
  • Support a Board of Elections of 10 Commissioners -- two from each borough representing the two major parties with Board activities administered by a single Director.
  • Support mandatory training for inspectors, recruitment of bilingual inspectors and appropriate compensation for inspectors.
  • Support increased instruction on the use of voting machines, including demonstrations at the polls; increased publication of polling places, dates and times of registration.
  • Support the implementation of voting systems and procedures which are secure, accurate, recountable, and endorse a precinct-based paper ballot optical scan voting system with a ballot marker to provide accessibility.
  • Support publication of sample ballots on the Board of Elections website to be accessible through the poll site locator.
  • Support elimination of the LLC (limited liability corporation) loophole which allows these LLCs to contribute to candidates as individuals rather than as corporations, which enables them to give larger and multiple contributions.
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