Unofficial Results of the 2020 Election

Unofficial Results of the 2020 Election

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The unofficial results of the Presidential election, as announced by the Associated Press, indicate that the Biden/Harris (D) ticket won 306 electoral votes, and the Trump/Pence (R) ticket won 232 electoral votes. As you know, 270 electoral votes are needed to win the race.

It's amazing that over 153 million citizens turned out to vote. Results indicate that just shy of 6 million votes secured the popular vote. To date (11/20), the incumbent has not conceded the race.

On 11/19 the AP declared Sean Patrick Maloney (D) to be the winner in the 18th Congressional District and Antonio Delgado (D) the winner in the 19th Congressional District. Kyle Van de Water graciously conceded to Mr. Delgado.

The LWV Mid-Hudson wants to pay particular tribute to our member (and webmaster) Victoria Alexander for putting her principles into action and running on the ballot for the 19th Congressional District as a Libertarian. We congratulate her on considerably topping the Green Party candidate. Actually, however, we want to applaud each and every candidate who shows by their actions, how important it is to be involved in the political process.

Back to reporting. Of the six State Senate districts in Ulster and Dutchess Counties, it appears that five have gone to Republican candidates.

In the State Assembly, the 103rd district, which is totally in Ulster and Dutchess counties, went handily to the incumbent Kevin Cahill (D). There are 7 other assembly districts that touch upon the Mid-Hudson region.

New York State counties are required to have their tallies to the state Board of Elections by November 28th. The state Board of Elections will then issue its Certified General Election Results by December 7th. See the full 2020 Election Timeline below.

2020 Federal Election Timeline


11/28/2020 County Boards of Elections send their results to the NYS Board of Elections

12/07/2020 County results are certified by the NYS Board of Elections

12/14/2020 Electors gather to vote

12/23/2020 Electors deliver their results

01/06/2021 Congress counts Electors' votes and declares the winner

01/20/2021 Presidential Inauguration

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