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Internet Troll
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If you’re active on the internet, you’ve probably heard: “Don’t feed the trolls.” And don’t let the trolls feed off you, or your anger.

Drinking Water from a natural spring
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Navy-Grumman Remediation Plan Released to the Public

Beware Hackers that try to Scam You
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Beware of bogus charity solicitations, copycat websites and fake shipping offers. Thieves often take advantage of the gift-giving season to line their own pockets.

Peggy Stein, Mary Gould, Mary Price and Carol Bergman, who put together a special suffragist re-enactment for our benefit
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On November 19, 1919, the League of Women Voters of NYS replaced the NYS Woman's Suffrage Association in anticipation of women getting the vote the following year.

Early Voting in NYS

During the early voting period, the League conducted a statewide survey to find out about New Yorkers' experiences voting early for the first time.

LWVNYS 100th Anniversary Cake

On November 16, 2019, the League of Women Voters of NYS celebrated its 100th Anniversary Celebration at The Buffalo History Museum:  

At the celebration, we honored:

United Nations in Twilight
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The state League is again organizing its Day at the United Nations.

100 Years Strong Anniversary
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This week has been an especially busy and fun week for local Leagues, the state League and all of our members. On Tuesday, Nov. 19, the state League celebrated its 100th anniversary. And, so many local Leagues and members celebrated with us!