LWV PWM Virtual Forum — Oct 20, 2020

NYS Assembly District 16

Gina Silletti, Ragini Srivastava


LWV PWM Virtual Forum — Oct 20, 2020

NYS Senate District 7 

Anna Kaplan, David Franklin

LWV PWM Virtual Forum

NYS Assembly District 13 — was CANCELLED




LWV PWM Virtual Forum — Oct 7, 2020

NYS Senate District 5 

Jim Gaughran, Edmund J. Smyth




How to register to vote in NYS

Step-by-Step, with fireworks!




In 2016, 100 Million eligible citizens didn't vote — more than the number who voted for either major-party candidate.  Who are these candidates and what do they need to encourage them to be voters?



 LWV US President Deborah Turner 

introduces herself and lays out her priorities to LWV members

2020 National Convention,  June 27





Register to Vote!  Now! 



LWV PWM Virtual Forum — Sept 8, 2020

Manorhaven Mayoral Candidates


LWV PWM Virtual Forum —May 27, 2020

Manhasset Board of Election 


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LWV PWM Virtual Forum — May 28, 2020

Port Washington Board of Education