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At the 2017 State Convention, delegates approved an update on the Charter School position adopted in 2006. The update would allow for the deletion of the following sentence.  

“In lieu of amendment of the Charter School Act to increase the total number of charters that could be granted, it supports retention of the current total (100) with amendment of the Charter School Act so that a charter could be reissued if a charter school ceased to function for any reason.” 

The charter school cap is the statutory limit on the number of charter schools that can open in New York State. The 100 charter school cap has been exceeded over the years and is no longer a relevant number. The charter cap is divided by the New York City area and the non-New York City area. Currently the state cap is set at 460 with a smaller sub-cap for New York City. In New York City, 45 total charters are available to be issued in the future, and in regions outside of New York City, 102 total charters are available to be issued.

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