Women's Issues Action Team Meeting

Women's Issues Action Team Meeting

Women's Issues Action Team

The Women’s Issues Action Team chooses a women’s rights focus from a list of specific issues in the general areas of economic equality, political equality, legal/judicial equality, health care equality, gender bias/misogyny, gender-based violence, and racism as a multiplier of inequality.  Annually or from time to time the team may choose to change its focus.  As a practical matter, the action team will not focus on an issue that is already the focus of another LWVCM team (e.g., voting rights).

Women’s Issues:

Economic Equality

      • Wage gap
      • Living wage
      • Glass ceiling leading to under-representation in positions of power
      • Affordable, competent child care for working women

Political Equality

      • Under-representation in elected office
      • Voting rights

Legal/Judicial Equality

      • Equal Rights Amendment
      • CEDAW (Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women )
      • Under-representation in judgeships/court system
      • Treatment of women in prison

Health Care Equality

      • Reproductive rights
      • Under-funding for maternal/child health care
      • Research studies/drug development

Gender Bias and Misogyny – in education, culture, society

      • Stereotyping
      • Discrimination against mothers and pregnant women
      • Harassment
      • Misogyny – objectifying, degrading, belittling

Gender-Based Violence

      • Domestic violence
      • Human trafficking
      • Violence against LGBT persons

Racism as a multiplier of inequality

Our current plan is to research and collect data on the gender wage gap in Charlotte-Mecklenburg, and on living wage issues. We will review the data, then discuss the actions we will take to educate the public.