Elected Representatives

Elected Representatives

Federal Offices

President Donald Trump

Vice President Mike Pence

Senator Richard Burr

Senator Thom Tillis

Representative from 12th Congressional District Alma Adams

Representative from 8th Congressional District Richard Hudson

Representative from the 9th Congressional District Dan Bishop


State Executive Offices

Governor Roy Cooper

Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest

NC State Senate

Senator Jeff Jackson
Democrat - District 37

Senator Mujtaba Mohammed
Democrat - District 38

Senator Dan Bishop
Republican - District 39

Senator Joyce Waddell
Democrat - District 40

Senator Natasha Marcus
Democrat - District 41

NC State House of Representatives

Representative Mary Belk
District 88

Representative Chaz Beasley
District 92

Representative Christy Clark
District 98

Representative Nasif Majeed
District 99

Representative John Autry
District 100

Representative Carolyn Logan
District 101

Representative Becky Carney
District 102

Representative Rachel Hunt
District 103

Representative Brandon Lofton
District 104

Representative Wesley Harris
District 105

Representative Carla D. Cunningham
District 106

Representative Kelly M. Alexander, Jr.
District 107

Mayor of Charlotte

Mayor Vi Lyles

Charlotte City Council

Julie Eiselt
Mayor Pro Tem
Telephone: 704-336-4099
julie.eiselt [at] charlottenc.gov

James Mitchell, Jr.
Council Member at Large
Telephone: 704-506-6141
james.mitchell [at] charlottenc.gov

Dimple Ajmera
Council Member at Large
Telephone: 704-336-2777
dimple.ajmera [at] charlottenc.gov

Braxton Winston
Council Member at Large
braxton.winston [at] charlottenc.gov

Larken Egleston
Council Member, District 1
larken.egleston [at] charlottenc.gov

Dr. Justin Harlow
Council Member, District 2
justin.harlow [at] charlottenc.gov

LaWana Mayfield
Council Member, District 3
Telephone: 704-336-3435 (0) or 704-352-7305 (c)
lmayfield [at] charlottenc.gov

Gregory A. Phipps
Council Member, District 4
Telephone: 704-336-3436
gaphipps [at] charlottenc.gov

Matt Newton
Council Member, District 5
matt.newton [at] charlottenc.gov

Tariq Bokhari
Council Member, District 6
tariq.bokhari [at] charlottenc.gov

Edmund H. Driggs
Council Member, District 7
Telephone: 704-432-7077
edriggs. [at] charlottenc.gov

Meckelenburg County Commissioners

George Dunlap
Chairman, District 3

Elaine Powell
Vice Chair, District 1

Vilma Leake
District 2

Mark Jerrell
District 4

Susan B. Harden
District 5

Susan Rodriguez-McDowell
District 6

Ella B. Scarborough

Pat Cotham

Trevor M. Fuller

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education

Mary T. McCray, Chairperson, At-Large

Elyse Dashew, Member, At-Large

Ericka Ellis-Stewart, Member, At-Large

Rhonda Cheek, Vice-Chariperson, Member, District 1

Thelma Byers-Bailey, Member District 2

Ruby M. Jones, Member, District 3

Carol Sawyer, Member, District 4

Margaret Marshall, Member, District 5

Sean Strain, Member, District 6

Kendall Sanders, Student Advisor