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Education and advocacy for redistricting reform.

Join Fair Districts NC to get reasonable Redistricting Reform in time for the 2021 Redrawing!

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We need fair maps for fair elections—and we have a new strategy to get redistricting reform in time for the 2021 redistricting cycle.

We studied 50 bills introduced last year to identify a reform that can:

  • end extreme gerrymandering AND
  • pass the legislature in time for the next redistricting (starting in early 2021)

The result is a new strategy to end gerrymandering in North Carolina: Reasonable Redistricting Reform. Now we’re working to bring together North Carolinians from across the state and across the political spectrum to support an impartial commission based on

5 Principles for Reasonable Redistricting Reform:

  1. Include the legislature in the process, such as in naming some of the commissioners
  2. Include citizens and/or impartial experts as commission members
  3. Set strict rules for the commission’s work that:
    • apply traditional redistricting standards (compact, contiguous, communities of interest)
    • do not allow the use of partisan data or partisan objectives 
    • use voting rules that require bipartisan support for the maps
  4. Provide for extensive citizen participation and transparency
  5. Make the maps final on the commission’s vote

To promote this new approach, we’re building FAIR DISTRICTS NC, a broad, bipartisan coalition. Our approach is new to North Carolina, but it’s based on what has worked in other states. Redistricting approaches following these principles have gained bipartisan support and won approval by state legislatures in several other states. We believe this approach will work in North Carolina, too.

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Gerrymandering is the drawing of political districts for partisan advantage. It enables the party in charge to draw electoral maps that ensure they will win a larger share of seats than their share of the votes. Read more to learn the basics of gerrymandering.

Imagine a town with two parties: the Stripers and the Dotters. The two parties compete for the town council’s five seats, each elected from its own district. Their town has 50 voters, 20 in the Striper Party and 30 in the Dotter Party. Due to a new census showing population shifts, they need to redraw the council districts. Read more to see our example.

Political and racial gerrymandering distorts and undermines representative democracy. It allows officials to choose their voters rather than voters choosing who represents them. Especially when done for purposes of racial discrimination and/or to ensure the dominance of one political party, gerrymandering runs counter to equal voting rights for all.

Responsibility for redistricting preferably should be vested in an independent special commission, with membership that reflects the diversity of the unit of government, including citizens at large, representatives of public interest groups, and members of minority groups.

The League’s approach to reform recognizes that both the criteria for redistricting and the process for drawing the maps are key to getting us to Fair Maps.

We, the citizens of North Carolina, can put an end to gerrymandering and strengthen our democracy. Help us draw the line on gerrymandering in our state.

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