Immigration Reform Roundtable

Immigration Reform Roundtable

Advocate for comprehensive immigration reform

The Immigration Policy Reform Roundtable of the League of Women Voters of the Piedmont Triad affirms and values immigrants, including refugees, in our area.  We work to support just and humane immigration policy and practices in Guilford County, in North Carolina, in the United States and in our world as a whole. 

Meeting/Contact Information

When possible we meet first and third Wednesdays from 11:45am-1:30pm at McKinney Immigration Law Offices, 910 N. Elm St. in Greensboro. Throughout Covid-19 we will meet via Zoom at these times.

Contact immigrationreform [at] for more information.

What We Do

  • In-state tuition for immigrants
  • Immigration court reform
  • Retention and strengthening of DACA
  • Oppose specific state and federal anti-immigrant and anti-refugee measures


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Immigration: Policies and Possibilities

Immigration: Policies and Possibilities with Jeremy McKinney, Second Vice President, American Immigration Lawyers Association; and Dr. Fabrice Lehoucq, Professor of Political Science, UNCG.

Follow the Money

Sets of Power Point slides from Follow the Money presentations on September 5, 2019. Speakers were Dr. Felicia Arriaga, ASU, Alissa Ellis, ACLU, and P. Whitney Vanderwerff, LWVPT.

April 2019 Action Items

The yellow handout from the Immigration panel on Wed. April 3 are available in PDF format for your use and sharing.

About the Immigration Reform Round Table

The actions of the LWVPT Immigration Reform Roundtable are totally congruent with the LWVUS position on immigration which was reached in 2007. The national position reads in part: "...immigration policies should promote reunification of immediate families; meet the economic, business and employment needs of the United States; and be responsive to those facing political persecution or humanitarian crises. Provision should also be made for qualified persons to enter the United States on student visas. All persons should receive fair treatment under the law....The League supports provisions for unauthorized immigrants already in the country to earn legal status."

The position also states, "The League supports due process for all persons, including the right to a fair hearing, right to counsel, right of appeal and right to humane treatment." The concluding sentence of the national position reads: "While policy reforms, including a path to legal status, remain unachieved, the League does not support deporting unauthorized immigrants who have no history of criminal activity."

The LWVPT Immigration Reform Roundtable is a comprehensive reform roundtable with membership from the league and from the wider community, including those impacted by immigration policy. It supports just and humane immigration policy in the Triad, in North Carolina, in the United States and in our world as a whole. It presents educational programs to faith and community groups, conducts community-based research on how immigration laws impact immigrant and refugee lives, creates policy recommendations, speaks with legislators, and advocates for specific individuals in certain cases. Its work is heavily informed by immigrant and refugee-led and immigrant and refugee-serving organizations across the Triad.

Meeting first and third Wednesdays mid-day at ethnic, immigrant-owned restaurants (venues TBA), the roundtable also presents quarterly programs for the public. The most recent was "For-profit Prisons for Immigrants: A National Disgrace" presented at St. Barnabas Episcopal Church on May 2.

Information from Lunch with the League September 2019

The September, 2017 Lunch with the League is completed. For anyone who needs the contact information for our federal representatives or the Community Foundation information for the new funds, just click and read or download. Note that the URL printed on the handout did not work. It has been corrected in the document for download:FundsCF.pdf.

The Shame of Locking Up Immigrants for Profit

"Immigration and Customs Enforcement, also called ICE, has to keep 34,000 immigrants behind bars each day in order to keep its funding. But, out of the 350 facilities it uses to incarcerate these immigrants, only 8 are owned and operated by ICE itself. For the rest, ICE pays between $122-$200 person, per night, to for-profit corporations and local jails. Politicians love to bray that 'illegal aliens' are bleeding America. But the real leeches are the private prison companies who rake in billions in taxpayer money to ruin immigrants' lives - including those with the legal papers to live and work in the US."

Watch this youtube video

Now watch this video about Jorge Gama, 26, an immigrant from Mexico who, after an altercation with other youth, was arrested and detained for one year and four months:

Immigration Rights Working Group

A local group with many participants. The immigrant rights working group meets twice a month.

Resources (6/9/2020 - Video will not load - likely no longer available)

From The American Friends Service Website:

"On April 15th, 2014, the Greensboro City Council unanimously passed a resolution declaring Greensboro to be a 'Welcoming City', part of a national movement to create more welcoming and supportive communities for immigrants and refugees. Since then, community groups have been meeting and conducting research to finalize this report and a series of recommendations for the city to pursue in order to make this vision a reality. This Document [see the link below] was presented to the City of Greensboro on June 19th, 2014."  (6/9/2020 - Page not found)

Why 250 Counties have stopped honoring ICE detainer requests!