Action Alert: Come to Committee and Call Legislators!

Action Alert: Come to Committee and Call Legislators!

Time Range For Action Alert: 
January 19, 2018 to March 12, 2018
Legislators are trying to push their redistricting plan, so we need to push back!
Hearings on the legislative redistricting proposal are scheduled for next week. The committee will hear testimony Tuesday, January 23 at 2:30pm and Wednesday, January 24 at 9:45am on Senate Joint Resolution 5, which would write packing and cracking into our constitution instead of fixing partisan gerrymandering and giving citizens a voice. Both hearings will take place in the Senate Finance Hearing Room (room 126S on this map, or meet at the LWVO office at least 15 minutes before to walk over in a group).

In these hearings, we need a repeat of the redistricting working group meetings, where reformers packed the room and testified one after another about their desire for real reform as well as the many Ohioans they have talked to that are fed up with our broken, hyper-partisan system. If you can testify at either hearing, fill out this form and someone from the campaign will be in touch to help you get set up. Those interested in testifying will have to submit a copy of their testimony to the chair's office 24 hours before the committee meeting.

If you can't make it to Columbus, you can help put pressure on the legislature to adopt a better plan by calling your representatives and members of the Senate Committee on Government Oversight and Reform. Find your representatives and their contact information here, and contact majority committee members at these numbers:

Chairman Bill Coley - (614) 466-8072
Vice Chair Joe Uecker [pronounced EEK-er] - (614) 466-8082
Senator Kevin Bacon - (614) 466-8064
Senator Bob Peterson - (614) 466-8156
Senator Troy Balderson - (614) 466-8076
Senator Kris Jordan - (614) 466-8086
Senator Frank LaRose - (614) 466-4823
Senator Matt Huffman - (614) 466-7584
Below is a sample script to help you send an effective message to these legislators. The information below is enough for a call, or feel free to add some personal information about why you support redistricting reform.


Sample Script
Hi, my name is ______. I'm a [citizen of Ohio/constituent (if calling your representatives)] calling to urge [Senator/Representative] ______ to oppose Senate Joint Resolution 5 unless it is amended to truly address the issue of partisan gerrymandering. What's good for state legislative districts is good for Congress.
I believe future district maps must require meaningful bipartisan support. That means no "backdoor" to passage with minimal minority party approval. Districts also need to respect all communities and keep them together as much as possible, not treat different counties differently. Transparent mapmaking is also absolutely essential.
[If you want to include personal reasons for support, add those here.]
I plan to watch how [Senator/Representative] ____ votes on this proposal and to discuss this issue with my friends and neighbors now and in the future. Ohioans are educated and active on this issue, and we will not accept sham reform that perpetuates our current broken, hyper-partisan system.
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