Shaker Heights Chapter League of Women Voters News

Shaker Heights Chapter League of Women Voters News

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2020 Shaker Annual Meeting

Year in Review from our chapter's May annual meeting.  Registering voters, 5 forums, 3 presentations by Shaker leaders, and the launch of an equity journey. Imagine what the future will bring!

MLK Day 2020 Voter Services.MLK Day of Beloved Community. During the all-day event at Shaker High, we registered voters and shared voter information. 

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February 22 Chapter Meeting. Lots of great work being planned -- voter registration drives, symposium on the 19th Amendment giving women the vote, upcoming forums. Plus a presentation by Laura Creed on developing a Court Resource Center for the Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas to help self-represented litigants navigate the civil justice system. 


Jeri Chaikin Chief Administrative Officer of Shaker HeightsJanuary 24 Chapter Meeting.  We welcomed guest speaker Jeri Chaikin, Chief Administrative Officer of the City of Shaker Heights.  She shared with us the ways in which the City's efforts align with the mission and programs of the Shaker League, including community planning, human relations, municipal administration and finance, recreation, and transportation. An animated Q&A followed, touching on subjects from sustainability to web-based homeowner advice from the City to City communications.

Shaker Holiday Party 2019 groupHoliday Party celebrates a year of engaging works. On December 14,  gathered to share holiday cheer and laughter at a lovely brunch at the home of co-chair Mary Lavigne-Butler.  Some highlights: a full year of forums, voter registration drives at all Shaker high schools and other venues, the addition of guest speakers at many of our chapter meetings, and the choice of two new Legacy Fellows.