Voter Information

Voter Information

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Dates to remember:

  • Deadline to register to vote: Monday, October 5th, 2020.
  • Early voting starts:Tuesday, October 6th, 2020.
  • Election day: November 3rd, 2020

Where can I find voter registration information?

Need to register or update your address?  Request a Vote by Mail (Absentee) Ballot? Find your polling place? Wondering about special circumstances -- military or college kids living out of town, voters with disabilities? What ID should you bring to vote on Election Day? What's on my ballot?  These websites each can help you with everything you need.

  • Visit  This is the League's nonpartisan website.  Enter your information and it will link you to the right place.
  • Visit This is our County Board of Elections  where you'll find the info and forms you need. 
  • Visit This takes you to the Ohio Secretary of State's website, where you'll find the info and forms you need. 
  • Help completing Voter Registration and Vote by Mail forms correctly
    • Watch this video on How to Vote by Mail in Ohio from All Voting is Local. 
    • PDF iconTips for correctly filling out a Voter Registration form.  You have until October 3rd to register and everything you need is at the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections.  It isn't difficult, but mind the details, so there are no hiccups in November. 
    • PDF iconTips for correctly filling out a Vote By Mail form. This is for the form used by the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections, but it's similar to the form used by the State of Ohio and other county boards of elections. Download the form here
  • Other questions? PDF iconThis FAQ shared with us by the Greater Cleveland Foodbank has answers about college students, voters without a permanent address, voters on parole and more. 

I'm a first-time voter.  Where do I start? 

  • Visit and check out their first-time voter checklist.
  • Look for a printed Voter's Guide. The Shaker Chapter of the League will have one closer to the election.
  • How do I learn about candidates? This MediaWise Voter Guide How to Research video lays how to do your own research and make your own decision.

I want to know more about the candidates and issues.  Where can I look? 

  • Visit Closer to the election, you'll find nonpartisan information about candidates and issues there.  We send the same questions to all the candidates in each race and post their provided answers and bios. 
  • Get to know judicial candidates at Judge4Yourself.comReview independent nonpartisan ratings of candidates in every contested state or municipal court election . See photos, biographies, and descriptions of the work of the courts where the candidates seek office.  
  • Do your own research.  Watch, listen to, or read the news. Verify facts by reading several sources.  You can fact check stories at websites like Politifact and Snopes. The MediaWise Voter Guide How to Research video is intended for first-time voters, but it's a great resource for anyone.
  • Follow the money.  This MediaWise Voter Guide video explains how to research who's funding candidates and why. 
  • What can I trust in the media?  This MediaWise Voter Guide video How to Consume Political News helps you know how to sort it out. 

Resources for Voters with disabilities. 

In Ohio, all voting locations must be made accessible for people with disabilities and are required to have a voting machine that is accessible to individuals with disabilities.If you cannot mark your ballot or need assistance, you may bring someone with you to help you vote. You may also apply to use a remote ballot marking system.  Fnd out more here

This video from All Voting is local explains 

Problems on election day.

  • Casting a provisional ballot. Your name doesn't appear on the official poll list. You don't have proper ID. Your signature doesn't match the one on file.These are just some of the most common reasons you may need to cast a provisional ballot. And all you have to do is ask...insist, if necessary.  Also, if you requested a Vote By Mail Ballot and decide to vote in person, you will be required to vote provisionally, so the board of elections can be sure not to count your vote twice.  Find out more at the Secretary of State's website.
  • Voter intimidation.  As this information from the American Civil Liberties Union says, "Voter intimidation is rare and unlikely. But if someone is attempting to interfere with your or anyone’s right to vote, it may be voter intimidation and a violation of federal law." Read more on your rights and responses.

I want to volunteer.

  • Send us an email to President [at] or contact your local chapter and we'll get back to you.  Tell us what you'd like to do.  We can always use help with voter registration (in person and no-touch projects), helping share information through social media and other work. 
  • Learn how to register voters in this video from the Ohio LWV.