Land Use Update Study

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Kent Social Services
1066 S. Water St.
Kent 44240
Wednesday, May 15, 2019 - 7:00pm
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The Northern Portage/Kent Leagues Land Use Study Group has been grubbing around in Portage County to prepare for an update to the Kent League’s position. After a lot of research, interviews, surveys and so on, we are ready to present our findings and consider some consensus questions. 

At the All Member Meeting on May 15 at 7 p.m., Kent League board member, committee chair and environmental expert Lis Regula will be presenting Land Use 101, an introduction to land use concepts, the importance of planning and managing land use, the state of land use in Portage County, and the land use challenges within the county. We will also be posting short articles on some of the key topics related to land use policy. While this presentation is designed to answer some questions, we expect that it will raise some others.  

Later this spring, we will try to address those questions with a panel of county officials who have expertise in various facets of land use. At a third meeting, the membership will consider consensus questions and come to a consensus about updating the position. 

This kind of study allows the local League to take a position on an issue of importance to the financial, social, educational and legal well-being of the county’s residents. We need to hear each and every member’s voice in order to have the strongest, most credible basis for taking action on important land use issues in Portage County.