Membership and Leadership Development

Membership and Leadership Development

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The League’s Membership and Leadership Development (MLD) Program uses specially-trained League members as coaches to help local Leagues to grow their membership, increase their members' engagement, and develop strong League leaders.

"MLD gives us the tools and support to recruit, engage, and retain members."
Iris Meltzer, President, LWV Kent

The mission of the League of Women Voters has never been more needed, and growing our membership and developing leaders will increase League's impact in our communities. The MLD Program takes a collaborative approach to building a powerful and visible League presence in local communities, recognizing that each local League is unique. And a specially trained MLD coach provides support and resources to each participating League and MLD team.

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"The MLD experience was a light bulb moment for us--providing focus and tools for membership development. We started asking our friends and neighbors, and inviting the community to join at our events and, surprisingly, the memberships started rolling in."
Susan Hesselgesser, Executive Director, LWV Greater Dayton Area

For questions or further information contact, please contact the state League office at 614-469-1505.

"It's a lot of fun to help a local League work on their plan for new members and mentoring new leaders, and I get to celebrate with them as they grow. I'm lucky to be an MLD coach and recommend coaching to anyone who enjoys being part of a team."
Marlene Muse, MLD Coach

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