11 double standards that still exist for women in the US

11 double standards that still exist for women in the US




  1. Women are still not paid the same wages as men for doing the same jobs in the US.
  2. Assertive women are often considered "bossy."
  3. Research shows that women who have had more sexual partners are stigmatized, but men are rewarded.
  4. Women are still expected to change their last name when they get married.
  5. Cleavage is prevalent in advertisements and media, but women breastfeeding their children in public are still told to cover up.
  6. "Dad bods" are considered attractive, but women are expected to lose baby weight after giving birth.
  7. Men are disproportionately praised for taking care of their children, whereas women are expected to be caregivers.
  8. Childcare responsibilities still widely fall on women — nearly 2.5 million women left the workforce after childcare centers and schools closed due to the pandemic.
  9. Any parenting decision a woman makes is subject to "mom shaming."
  10. Women pay more for the same everyday items because of the "pink tax."
  11. Women may be more likely to die of a heart attack if they have a male doctor.

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