Debates & Interviews

Debates & Interviews

          The LWVCC records and retains a full unedited copy of all Candidate events.  If any portion(s) of the recording are redistributed out of context to make a candidate appear to say something that was not said, or are edited specifically to make a candidate look bad or in any way altered in appearance, then the LWVCC will alert the media, provide the unedited video for comparison, and file appropriate complaints with an applicable governing authority, or - dependent upon the egregiousness if fraud is involved - alert local law enforcement.


Each Debate or individual interview can be viewed by clicking the recorded links below:


PDF iconCandidate Debate Ground Rules without a Live Audience


October 14 - North Bend Mayor Debate


October 15 - OR State Senate, District 5 Debate

                   - OR State House, District 9 Debate


PDF iconCandidate Virtual Interview Ground Rules


Coos Bay City Council Interviews

          -  DiNovo, Lucinda (incumbent)

          -  Farmer, Drew (incumbent)

          -  Kilmer, Stephanie (incumbent)

          -  Kingsley, Jim

          -  Langley, Cameron

          -  Skoff, Cody 


North Bend City Council Interviews

          - Clow, Levi

          - Gleason, Eric

          - Goll, Pat

          - Kutch, Ron

          - Noordhoff, Susanna

          - Slater, Timm (incumbent)

          - Vinyard, Jonathan P.



The League of Women Voters of Lane County have posted a  US Congressional House of Representatives District 4 candidate forum between Peter DeFazio & Alek Skarlatos on Facebook.  To view this link, go to the Voting & Elections section on the left side bar.