Equal Rights Amendment: The Time Is NOW

Equal Rights Amendment: The Time Is NOW

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What is the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)? 

The ERA is an amendment to the United States Constitution that would guarantee equal rights to all Americans, regardless of sex. The ERA would provide a fundamental and universal legal remedy against discrimination for both women and men. Originally written by suffragist Alice Paul in 1923, only one more state is needed to ratify this critically needed amendment to guarantee equal rights.


What can you do to fuel the fight for the ERA? 

  • Spread the word about the ERA to friends and colleagues through conversation and social media.
  • Educate yourself at EqualMeansEqual.org and join Equal Means ERA on Facebook. 
  • Tell your legislators that you support the ERA and you want them to as well. 
  • Help candidates who support the ERA. 

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Counter misinformation.

Misinformation is the #1 obstacle to South Carolina's ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment! Get the facts so you can counter fallacies when speaking with family, friends, and legislators.  Read about bipartisan efforts and commentary to explain the need for this important Constitutional guarantee. 

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What Happens When the 38th State Ratifies the ERA?

 The constitution states that this amendment shall take effect two years after the date of ratification. That said, two issues have arisen that stand to challenge moving forward on implementation of the ERA:

  1. Time limits on the ratification process.
  2. Rescission or withdrawal of a previous ratification. 

To better understand these points of law,  I highly recommend reading the latest white paper authored by Roberta W. Francis, the ERA Education Consultant for the Alice Paul Institute "After 38 States Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment, What Happens Next”. It is a great resource to better understand the potential paths to ratification once Virginia (or Utah, or South Carolina) becomes the 38th state to ratify the amendment. Click on the link below to read the white paper.



Get involved! 

Contact Barb.hammes [at] gmail.com (Barb Hammes),  ERA Coordinator.

Barb Hammes, ERA Coordinator, LWVHHI-BA

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