LWVKKC Leadership

Executive Committee

  • President: llmac [at] mac.com (Linda Maccabe)
  • 1st VP: lcarroll [at] icx.net (Lisa Carroll)
  • 2nd VP: tlfoster12 [at] gmail.com (Tiffany Foster)
  • Secretary: dashalundy [at] gmail.com (Dasha Lundy)
  • Treasurer: jlfeld [at] gmail.com (Joyce Feld)
  • kathygreenberg [at] gmail.com (Kathy Greenberg): Voter Services
  • jpoulson319 [at] comcast.net (Judy Poulson): Membership
  • katsword [at] gmail.com (Kathryn King): Communications
  • jameydobbs [at] yahoo.com (Jamey Dobbs): Citizens Academy
  • menglish [at] utk.edu (Mary English): Land Use
  • Tunisia Holley
  • nelkorb [at] bellsouth.net (Sandra Korbelik)
  • lance.mccold [at] gmail.com (Lance McCold)

Committees and Off Board Functions

  • Citizen's Academy: Jamey Dobbs
  • Communications: Kathryn King
  • Grassroots Coordinator (legislative action):
  • Land Use and Environment: Mary English
  • Membership/Meeting Coordinator: Helen Tews
  • Member Database: Judy Poulson
  • Naturalization Ceremonies: ihopemixon [at] yahoo.com (Lisa Mixon)
  • Newsletter: anne.skutnik [at] gmail.com (Anne Skutnik)
  • Nominating Committee: lcarroll [at] icx.net (Lisa Carroll)
  • Observer Corps:
  • Special Events: Helen Tews
  • Voter Services: Kathy Greenberg
  • Website manager: cathy [at] domesticpsychology.com (Cathy McCaughan)

Off-Board Representatives

  • LWV Rep on Community Action Committee (CAC) board: Judy Poulson
  • Liaison to TN Conservation Voters: Sandra Goss
  • Liaison to Dow Advisory Council: Nancy Stewart
  • LWV Rep on Suffrage Coalition: Linda Maccabe