Help protect victims of domestic violence

Help protect victims of domestic violence

Woman crying. Help victims of domestic abuse
Time Range For Action Alert: 
March 11, 2019 to March 15, 2019

Please use these two actions below to support bills that help victims of domestic violence.

#1.  Support H.B. 1663 and H.B. 1912 which provide a mechanism for tenants to leave leases if proper documentation can be provided to prove that they are victims of domestic violence.

  • 1 in 3 Texans will experience domestic violence in their lifetime.
  • Victims of domestic violence need the ability to move from their leased residences without financial consequences for early termination like loss of security deposits and damaged credit due to judgments for unpaid lease obligations.

Send an email to the House Business and Industry Committee!

#2 Support SB 269 which creates a felony criminal punishment for offenders who use coerced debt to harm their victims and also gives victims special rights under the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act.

  • Advocacy group Texas Appleseed found that 1/3 of Texans who called the National Domestic Violence Hotline in the first half of 2018 reported economic abuse.
  • “Coerced Debt” (a term created by Angela Littwin, the Ronald D. Krist Professor of law, University of Texas) is a less obvious form of abuse but has serious consequences for victims.  Offenders damage a survivor’s credit score, place unmanageable debt solely in the survivor’s name and leave these victims and their children in a financial situation that will interfere with their ability to find a home or obtain a job. 

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