Stop progress of Senate- amended HB 2911

Stop progress of Senate- amended HB 2911

Stop SB9 zombies
Time Range For Action Alert: 
May 21, 2019 to May 23, 2019

Request Chair Klick and Speaker Bonnen stop progress of Senate-
amended HB 2911

With SB 9’s progress denied May 18 th by the House Calendars Committee, its author Sen. Bryan Hughes has attached parts of SB 9 and SB 903, to HB 2911 during it final consideration by the Senate. HB 2911, by Elections Committee Chair Stephanie Klick, arrived in the Senate as a voter registration process administration clean-up bill.

Now the rather innocuous bill has become a monstrosity that mimics the actions of the botched Whitley voter purge. It includes unwarranted provisions that weaken voters’ rights. It allows the Attorney General to impose civil penalties on our county voter registrars of $100 per “violation” of procedures meant to remove voters, without recognition of the widespread data problems uncovered in the Whitley purge.

HB 2911 went to the Senate recognizing the reality of possible data entry errors and other ways to simplify paperwork and make the system work better. It goes back to the House for concurrence with the reverse: more processes that must be established, assuming widespread intent to mislead. Not only will it be harder and scarier for voters, but present impractical, unenforceable and unwarranted burdens on the election managers with the additional threat of imposing potential fines on them.

Unlike SB 9, it does not require House Calendars approval, just denial on the House floor. Critical to that is Chair Klick’s disapproval of the changes and Speaker support of that action.