Stop Whitley's Appointment

Woman with patriotic finger nail polish holding "New Citizen Voter"
Time Range For Action Alert: 
April 19, 2019 to May 27, 2019

Now, more than ever we should thank Senators who opposed SB 9 and fought the good fight to make it better. We also need to remind each of them that just because the Whitley lawsuit has been settled, the reasons to oppose his confirmation remain. Mr. Whitley is the wrong man for the job. We know that the Governor and Mr. Whitley are pressuring Senators to confirm. Please contact them to inspire their resistance.

  • We all care about the integrity and fairness of our elections and there are better ways to safeguard our elections than Whitley's now de-legitimized voter roll maintenance scheme targeting new citizens.
  • In the Nominations Committee, several of these Senators asked Mr. Whitley directly to recall the measures, yet he did not.
  • In the Committee hearing, he demonstrated a lack of knowledge about the process he had initiated. By that time, he definitely knew the action was illegitimate.
  • His lack of remedial action, resulted in three lawsuits and a settlement that cost Texas taxpayers nearly half a million dollars and inestimable damage to the trust of newly franchised citizens.
  • We cannot trust that Mr. Whitley would put his duties as the chief election official of the state ahead of a narrow partisan agenda that indiscriminately and unjustly targets people of color and naturalized citizens.
  • Whitley and the Attorney General have disregarded the U.S. Congressional inquiry about actions taken, advising it will be treated as a public information request.
  • Let these Senators know how much we appreciate their defense of the rights of all Texas citizens to participate in our democracy! 

The Secretary of State has an incredibly important job as the Chief Election Officer for Texas. That is why this contact is so important to us. The job is to assist county election officials and ensure the uniform application and interpretation of election laws throughout Texas. The position also maintains the security of the statewide voter registration data. We cannot trust Mr. Whitley’s oversight of these tremendously important tasks. The League is taking this unusual action of opposing a nomination because of Mr. Whitley’s actions.

– please mention in your text if you are a constituent of one of them