Support Climate Change Commissions

World "climate change a serious environmental problem
Time Range For Action Alert: 
February 21, 2019 to April 30, 2019

Urge your legislators to support and co-sponsor HB 928 (Anchia) and HB 942 (Anchia) which create commissions to study and address the impact of climate change in Texas and adjoining states.  

Two important reports on climate change were released in 2018 which sounded the alarm that “devastating climate change is happening now and will continue to get far worse without immediate, large-scale action.”  The world is warming at an accelerating rate and “the window to effectively mitigate and adapt to the increasingly destructive effects of climate change is closing fast.”

The two bills (HB 928 and HB 942) filed by House Representative, Rafael Anchia, acknowledge that climate change is a serious on-going environmental problem that Texas must recognize and develop strategies to mitigate environmental effects. 

HB 928 proposes the creation of the Global Climate Change Commission and HB 948 creates the Texas Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Commission.  Each commission will evaluate the environmental problems resulting from climate change and make recommendations appropriate responses.