Support HB 744 – Medicaid for New Mothers

Baby crawling. Babies need healthy moms
Time Range For Action Alert: 
May 14, 2019 to May 27, 2019

Urge Senate Health and Human Services Committee to hear HB 744 which will extend Medicaid coverage for new mothers to 12 months rather than the current 60 days.  This extension could save the lives of many new mothers.

  • HB 744 will give women who deliver a baby under Pregnancy Medicaid 12 months coverage post-delivery, rather than the current 60 days.
  • Many of the symptoms that ultimately cause the death of new mothers do not show up until later in the post-partum period.
  • This was the Number 1 recommendation of the Task Force on Maternal Mortality created by the Legislature.
  • This is not a partisan issue, but one of saving lives and preventing needless deaths.