Take Action on HB 3 to Support Public Education in the Funding Restructuring Bill!

School Students Support Texas public education
Time Range For Action Alert: 
May 19, 2019 to May 27, 2019

Please email and call conference committee members! Urge them to ensure these provisions are in the bill.  The Conference Committee has let it be known that they will not be bound by the existing bill, meaning that anything, whether from the House-passed version of HB 3 or the more recent Senate-approved version, could change in committee. Below are the portions of the bill that especially support League positions.  

  • Increase the basic allotment to $6,030, as approved by the House. This increase will go a long way toward ensuring more equitable funding for all students and their schools.
  • Fully fund quality, full-day pre-K for all disadvantaged students. Ensure that those who begin as three-year-olds can continue when they turn four. 
  • Do not increase sales and use taxes. Such taxes most hurt the least able to bear them, including teachers and most other school employees.    
  • Do not impose property tax limitations on school districts. School boards are elected from the community to manage their finances; allow local control to work as intended.
  • Give all school employees a raise.  Teachers, counselors, librarians and administrators (all of whom hold teaching certifications) are crucial to students’ success. But so are school nurses, paraprofessionals, custodians, and cafeteria staff. Let’s show them all how much we value them.
  • Prioritize resources for students who are economically disadvantaged, learning-disabled and English-language learners.
  • Reduce student testing. Please do not add more state testing requirements, especially given the credible concerns raised regarding the current tests’ reading levels. 
  • Do not impose outcomes-based funding. Equating teachers’ remuneration and school funding to students’ test results creates chronic stress that inevitably affects students. Such stress reduces teacher effectiveness and impedes student learning.