Why is voting so hard -- and what can I do about it?

Why is voting so hard? Young woman Rules! Exceptions! Roadblocks!
Time Range For Action Alert: 
April 11, 2019 to May 15, 2019

Voters are asking us: “Why is voting so hard...so many rules, exceptions, roadblocks?
What can I do about it?”
Great question! Take these two actions to protect democracy in Texas!

1.  Urge your State Senator to OPPOSE SB 9 when it arrives on the Senate floor, along with its ugly step-sisters SB 901, SB 903 and SB 1255.

2.  Urge members of the House Elections Committee to OPPOSE the companion House bills HB 3964 and HB 3965.

  • These bills each make voting more difficult and continue the fear-mongering about election safety.
  • They seek to block innovation and efficiency.
  • Rather than taking actions to make needed improvements for all, they concentrate on scaring away the most vulnerable.

See more about each of these bills and others this session in our weekly Voting Rights/Election Law Blog.

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