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School Students Support Texas public education

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Please email and call conference committee members! Urge them to ensure these provisions are in the bill.  The Conference Committee has let it be known that

Baby crawling. Babies need healthy moms

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Urge Senate Health and Human Services Committee to hear HB 744 which will extend Medicaid coverage for new mothers to 12 months rather than the current 60 days.  This extension could save the lives of many new mothers.

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Please urge the Senate Health & Human Services Committee to stop our high suicide rates and move HB 3980 onto the Senate floor.

Sad Girl in front of Lockers

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Ask your state representative to support suicide prevention in Texas schools! Support SB 1390!

Woman with patriotic finger nail polish holding "New Citizen Voter"

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Now, more than ever we should thank Senators who opposed SB 9 and fought the good fight to make it better. We also need to remind each of them that just because the Whitley lawsuit has been settled, the reasons to oppose his confirmation remain.

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