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Grace Chimene, president League of Women Voters of Texas, talking about the National Day of the Census
Press Release

On behalf of the League, we would like to welcome you here today to the commencement of the One Year Countdown to Census 2020. 

Graphic with empowering voters. Defending democracy
Press Mention
We need more than a ‘litigate later’ approach to redistricting By Grace Chimene and Stephanie Swanson
Voting pin with X.  Protect Voting Rights! Oppose SB 9!

ACT NOW on new Action Alerts! With just a few clicks, contact your legislators and let your voice be heard!

America Goes to the Polls with American flag
Press Release

The League of Women Voters of Texas welcomes the release today of the bi-annual Nonprofit VOTE/US Elections Project report “

Intern with a list of three actions to take.

ACT NOW! With just a few clicks, contact your legislators and let your voice be heard!

Group of photos from Lobby days.

You make difference by empowering voters and defending democracy! We are defending democracy in Texas in extraordinary times!

Naturalized citizen registering to vote
Press Release
The League is thrilled that the lawsuit we filed against the Secretary of State to stop the voter purge is working.
Two students registering to testify at the Capitol
I am so proud of the response to our calls for action in our Action Alerts! You all have sent just over 2400 emails your legislators to let them know what issues are important to their constituents!