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Graphic with empowering voters. Defending democracy
The League of Women Voters takes voter security very seriously!
Texas Bill Map
The big news this week is that both the Senate and the House have named their committee chairs and committees! The 
Pile of voter registration forms. "We need to Modernize our Voter Registration System"
Public Statement

AUSTIN – Today Secretary of State David Whitley issued a media release about new data obtained from the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) identifying those individuals with driver licenses or DPS personal identification cards as citizens or

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Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day! President Ronald Reagan signed this holiday into law in 1983.

Texas Capitol with Blue Sky above!
Welcome to the first issue of Capitol Action News for the 86th Legislative Session. The 86th Legislative session has started and our twenty-five Issue Chairs are ready to follow the bills that we are interested in.
Women Empowering Voters Defending Democracy

Celebrate 2019, the League’s 100th year anniversary here in Texas, by making a commitment to empowering voters and defending democracy during the 86th TexasLegislature. We need YOU to join us at the Capitol for the LWVTX Lobby Days! We need your h

Happy New Year for 2019

 On behalf of the Board of Directors, staff and our awesome student volunteers and interns of the League of Women Voters of Texas, I want to wish you a Happy New Year! 

Cheering Women Empowering Voters Defending Democracy
Bigger and better. This year, you know the League of Women Voters of Texas worked bigger, better and bolder! We have the results to prove it!
LWVTX Lobby Days

President's Message, Grace Chimene

Texas State Students in line to vote General Election 2018
The Nov. 6th General Election was competitive and exciting! It was a big win for democracy. Texas has not had a truly competitive election at the statewide level since the 90s.