2017 survey found 50% improvement in provision of adequate election and voter ID information since 2016

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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The League of Women Voters of Texas' action leads to improved on-line election information in 111 Texas counties.

Austin – The League of Women Voters of Texas conducted its third survey of Texas county websites in late 2017. The League found that nearly 50% of the existing 234 official county websites showed overall improvement in their elections and voter ID information from a year earlier. One hundred eleven (47%) counties increased their adequacy of online information for voters.
Elaine Wiant, president of the Texas League said, "We are especially pleased that almost half of county websites now provide minimum voter ID information, up from one third in 2016." However, only 45% of the websites noted that a voter's name and address do not need to be identical on their ID and voter registration card or official list of voters. "Confusion over voter ID requirements continues to be a problem that needs to be addressed before the 2018 Primary Election," said Wiant.
Election-related information was easy to find on most (85%) of the 234 websites. One hundred eight (47%) had a recognizable word or icon on the home page that linked to a page displaying elections information.
Close to half (110) of county websites provided voting dates and times, polling locations, a sample ballot, along with election results or information for military and/or disabled voters. The proportion of websites providing both election and voter ID information in Spanish increased to 41% (95), up from 33% (78) a year ago.
Much progress has been made in the availability of Spanish language elections information on official websites of those counties under Section 203 of the federal Voting Rights Act. Currently 60 (68%) of the 88 websites under Section 203 provide all or some of their elections information in Spanish, as opposed to 38 websites in 2016.
Congratulations to the 79 elections administrators recognized for excellence in providing election and voter ID information this year! It is indeed noteworthy that 50% of the existing 234 official county websites showed overall improvement in provision of online elections information for their voters.
Elizabeth Erkel, a vice president of the state League, oversaw the third review. She was pleased, saying: "The League increased the weight given to voter ID information in the overall rating because of the uncertainty in identification requirements prior to the November election. While the public still needs more education regarding voter ID, county election administrators have shown their dedication to getting the word out. The League stands ready to assist them."
The survey questions were:
  • Does the county have a website page that displays election information?
  • How easy is it to find election information?
  • How adequate is the election information?
  • How adequate is Voter ID information?
  • Is a link to the Secretary of State website provided?
  • Is election information and voter ID information provided in Spanish?
The full report and an appendix of individual county website results are available on the LWV-Texas website.
County election departments to be commended for excellence in providing elections information to their communities are listed below.



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