Action News 2.5.19 LWVTX files Lawsuit

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The League of Women Voters takes voter security very seriously!
 As LWVTX members prepare to arrive in Austin for our annual Lobby Days, a lot of action is underway on our core values. LWVTX sprang into action when Secretary of State David Whitley issued an Advisory to County Voter Registrars on January 25th about potential large numbers of non-citizens being registered to vote and voting.
On January 28th, we joined with a dozen others to call for rescission of the Advisory and requested information about the process leading to it. We also participated in a letter sent to all 254 county election officials asking they take no action until more about that process is revealed. It is evident that the process was flawed and inaccurate, and possibly illegal. If it persists, LWVTX and LWVUS are prepared to join in litigation to address this effort to purge voter rolls in Texas.
You can be certain that LWVTX will continue to pursue a Texas voting system that allows all eligible citizens to register to vote and exercise that right without harassment – whether it be through legislative action or in the courts. We are filing a lawsuit in partnership with the Texas Civil Rights Project, the ACLU TX, Demos, and the Lawyers' Committee, as well as other voting & civil rights organizations.
Stay tuned!
Grace Chimene, President, League of Women Voters of Texas
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