Great news for voters in Texas!

Great news for voters in Texas!

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The House Calendars Committee did not place SB 9 on the House calendar by the deadline!  SB9 appears to be dead.

This is great news for voters in Texas!

We appreciate the efforts of the Legislators who took action to ensure SB 9 didn’t come up for a vote. We ask Legislators to continue to protect voting rights in Texas, and defend the addition of any SB 9 sections to other bills still under consideration! 

LWVTX appreciates all the voting rights advocates who formed a strong defense force to bring attention to this voter suppression bill. The League and many other organizations stepped up to fight for equal and fair access to the voting booth for all eligible registered voters.  As a pediatric nurse practitioner, I’m especially proud of the disability rights organizations who took action to protect the rights of voters with disabilities.

As we mark the end of SB 9, I ask you each to take action to send an email opposing the confirmation of David Whitely as Secretary of State. His nomination will likely come up for a vote in the Senate this week.

Thank you all!

Grace Chimene RN, President League of Women Voters of Texas

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