The League is Bigger, Better, Bolder!

Bigger and better. This year, you know the League of Women Voters of Texas worked bigger, better and bolder! We have the results to prove it!
I am writing to ask for your support to make our fundraising efforts match our impact on voters this year. We’d like you to make a bigger and bolder contribution to the League of Women Voters of Texas year-end appeal!
This year was an exciting election year in Texas! Texans registered to vote and voted in record breaking numbers! Just under 6M people voted early, and 8.3M people voted overall. Up from 42.6% in 2016, 52.77% of Texas’ registered voters participated in the Nov. 6 election - many of them young and new voters! That is a big win for you and me and democracy in Texas!
You made this happen! With your support, the League prepared lots of fun and clear messaging, graphics, and videos to empower Texas voters. You shared, tweeted, and posted. You talked to your friends and neighbors about the Texas 3 Step: Register, learn about the candidates and issues, then get out and vote! And, we had bigger and better results!
 “With your help, VOTE411 educated more voters than any other election cycle! That means we had more voters turn to the League and our online voter education resource than in the 2016 Presidential cycle – something that has never happened before in VOTE411’s history!” said Megan Brown, LWVUS Mission Impact Coordinator. “Vote411 had 54.8% more users this year over 2016!
Not only did we outperform our own voting record in 2016, but according to Megan Brown, the League of Women Voters of Texas – of bigger and better Texas! – accounted for fully 10% of all VOTE411 users nationwide!
I know you want to take this same energy and commitment into 2019 and the 86thTexas Legislature. 
Hundreds of bills have already been filed. You know Texas, bigger and better... but, sometimes “badder.” Already a bill has been filed to shorten the early voting period – one of our state’s few successful strategies to increase voter participation! The first public school financing proposal does more to provide tax relief than to support public education. These two examples are just the tip of the iceberg of bad bills we expect to see in 2019.
During the last session, the League introduced a “one click” action alert strategy. We posted over 150 action alerts on issues you care about last session. Those action alerts generated close to 5000 emails to Texas legislators. Our bold social media campaigns these last two years have resulted in a 10 fold increase in our constituency of members and supporters! With your generous donation, we will have an even bigger impact this next legislative session! 
Take a moment to think about the work of the League of Women Voters of Texas in 2018 – and consider a financial investment so that the League may continue to make a difference in 2019. You will be empowering voters and defending democracy in Texas!
Thank you for your bigger, better, bolder support of the League of Women Voters of Texas!
Happy New Year!
Grace Chimene
PS: Ninety-nine years ago, in 1919, the League of Women Voters of Texas was formed. What did the founders imagine when they envisioned the future of the organization? Could they have imagined how our work would need to evolve to keep up with complex issues which impact our government and those it serves?  The work of the League is so important – perhaps more now than any time since our founding! Donate now and plan to participate with us in our 100 year celebrations in 2019!
In addition to this year-end gift, please consider:
  • Becoming a Sustaining Contributor by making a monthly recurring donation. You can set up a recurring donation here.
  • Leaving a legacy by becoming a member of the Minnie Fisher Cunningham Society by naming the League of Women Voters of Texas in your will for a bequest. Additional information on is available on the Minnie Fisher Cunningham Societypage of the League website.
PPS: Check out the League's 2018 Annual Impact Report!
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