November Action News! Waiting for an accurate count is good for a healthy democracy.

November Action News! Waiting for an accurate count is good for a healthy democracy.

Our democracy is worth waiting for
11.2.2020 The large numbers of votes by mail means tallying the election results will obviously take longer than it has in the past. We want ALL votes to be counted fairly. A complete and accurate ballot count is more important than a fast ballot count. We rely on all the helpers in our democracy to ensure all votes are counted and that a fair process is used. Encourage everyone you know to be patient.
I spent 30 years as a pediatric nurse practitioner working with teams of health professionals dedicated to helping patients. Naturally, when our presidential election occurred during a massive pandemic, I relied on a team of democracy helpers like you.
Sometimes my patients were very sick. I reassured worried parents to give the medication time to work. Now, I want to reassure worried Texans that to ensure a healthy democracy, we need to wait for a complete, and accurate count before announcing the results of the election.
While we wait patiently, for the results of the election, join me in celebrating the team of democracy helpers: 
  • civic educators who teach our students about democracy 
  • volunteer deputy registrars 
  • election workers
  • election protection volunteers
  • professional journalists and reporters who share reliable election news
  • candidates who step up to run for leadership positions in our government
  • campaign workers, an invaluable part of the process
  • our county and state election officials who have worked so hard during this challenging election season.  
With every election, we get the chance to shape our democracy with our vote. Even through the stresses that 2020 has brought, the League encourages you to take a moment to celebrate our democracy. What a beautiful thing it is!
Thank you for continuing to Empower Voters and Defend Democracy!
Grace Chimene, president, League of Women Voters of Texas

PS: Breaking News! 

We are working with the Texas ACLU to join another lawsuit.  The attempt to disenfranchise more than 120,000 voters who lawfully cast their ballots in Harris County during early voting is disgraceful and un-American!
Drive-thru voting was established as a safe early voting option for individuals, including many disabled voters who did not want to enter a polling site during this pandemic. It was tested with great success during the Texas run-off and special election in July. This last-minute attack on voters demonstrates a desire by some to silence Texas voters and we will not stand for it.
PPS: Wow! Young voters are turning out! "The numbers are especially dramatic in a state like Texas, where more than 1 million young people have already cast ballots, nearly approaching the 1.2 million total votes cast by youth (both early and on Election Day) in 2016."

Tips for Voting on Election Day

 Tips for voting on election day
  1. To avoid the lines, vote during non-peak hours. If you are in line by 7:00 pm, you will be allowed to vote.
  2. Research the candidates with Bring a written or printed list of the candidates you wish to vote for to the polling place.
  3. Curbside voting is available on Election Day for voters who are physically unable to enter the polling place.
  4. Voters with a disability and their helper may request to move ahead of other voters in line. 
 Please share with your family, friends and colleagues!

Who Are These People at the Polls?

Electioneering and Intimidation

ElectioneeringVoter intimidation

Who can I call if I have any voting questions or concerns?

Call the Texas Secretary of State at 1-800-252-VOTE (8683) or email elections [at] or one of the Election Protection numbers below...


  • 866-OUR-VOTE (866-687-8683) English
  • 888-Ve-Y-Vota (839-8682) Spanish
  • 888-API-VOTE (888-274-8683) English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Vietnamese, Bengali, Urdu, Hindi, and Tagalog
  • 844-YALLA-US (844-925-5287) Arabic
  • 301-818-VOTE (301-818-8683) American Sign Language (video call)
  • 888-796-VOTE Disability Rights Texas

For more information go here


For the folks who are voting tomorrow, share Statewide race information in English, Spanish, Chinese, and Vietnamese. Houston and Austin also have candidate information in Chinese and Vietnamese. Share the updated LWVTX YouTube videos explaining the statewide offices.

Your Texas League in Action!

Legal Updates

LWV Texas fights for voting rights in the following lawsuits:
  • New: Drive-Through Voting in Harris County - LWVTX is requesting to join a lawsuit filed in federal court challenging the Harris County Clerk's authority to set up drive-through polling locations. 
  • Texas Governor's proclamation limited drop-offs for mail ballots to one location per county.
  • Richardson v. Hughs Mail-in ballot signature verification  
  • Harris County Clerk’s authority to send applications for mail-in ballots to all registered voters 

Match Campaign - A Resounding Success! 

Thank you! With your generous support, we raised over $5,500 from last month’s Empowering Voters and Defending Democracy fundraising match campaign earning the full $5,000 match from our Board of Directors! These funds will support your commitment to educating and activating voters, ensuring information about accessible and safe voting continues during the pandemic and maintaining a strong election protection stand in Texas. 

We’re so grateful to our faithful contributors who sustain us through good times and hard times. To the many new contributors, we are proud of the confidence you have in the League during this critical election cycle. And, special thanks to your Texas League's Board for leveraging the generosity of new and longstanding contributors. Because of all of you, we have the resources to do this valuable work. 

With the holidays fast approaching, please consider adding LWV-Texas to your AmazonSmile account. AmazonSmile will donate .5% of your purchases to the League! 

Texas Local Leagues In Action!

From East to West and South to North, Leagues around Texas have been busy this last month! Everyone was finding creative ways to safely register voters, distribute Voters Guides, host candidate forums and educate and engage voters (and future voters) in Texas during this pandemic. Leagues were also working with their local election officials and all kinds of community partners to accomplish our mission.

  • LWV Amarillo mailed out thousands of postcards to low propensity voters and put VOTE411 stickers on hundreds of boxes distributed by the local food pantry. 
  • LWV Lubbock partnered with the NAACP to distribute Voters Guides door to door.
  • The Comal Area League printed two different Voter Guides for two of their communities and hosted a webinar Fact or Fake: Media Misuse Today on recognizing and combatting misinformation.
  • LWV Corpus Christi hosted five candidate forums that were shared online. 
  • LWV Collin County and LWV Irving, like many of the Leagues, found new and larger audiences by hosting their candidate forums online. 
  • LWV Dallas staffed phone banks hosted by local media to answer voters' questions. 
  • LWV Midland hosted a Facebook Live meeting with a health care educator and their local elections official about safe voting. 
  • LWV CyFair not only worked with the local school district to distribute information about VOTE411 to educators and students' families, but also partnered with apartment complexes to post VOTE411 yard signs. 
  • LWV San Antonio was highlighted on Facebook live event from Lark Community Center.
  • All the Leagues are fielding questions from the press about the exceptional voter turnout in their communities.
  • LWV Houston Area President MaryJane Mudd has been in the center of storm with all of the voting issues in Harris County, and still had time to empower the next generation of young women leaders by giving a workshop on "Democracy and the 19th Amendment" to Girl Scout Troop 23072.

Whew! And that's not even the half of all that Texas Leagues have done this month! A huge shout out and thank you to all of the Texas League leaders and volunteers who are empowering voters and defending democracy all over Texas!


  • November 3: Election Day!
  • Be inspired by voting and civil rights heroines and heroes! Add the LWVTX Voting and Civil Rights calendar to your Google Calendar or iCal.
  • Never forget an election, add the Texas Elections calendar to your Google Calendar or iCal.
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