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Vote Safe
Voting and elections are the cornerstones of our democracy. We must be vigilant and pro-active during the current coronavirus emergency to ensure that our elections are safe and our voting rights secure.
Crystal Mason Quote
The League of Women Voters of Texas is incredibly disappointed by the Fort Worth Court of Appeals’ ruling. "We are appalled that Crystal Mason’s five-year jail sentence was affirmed even though her provisional bal
Stay calm and keep Texas voting

Statement by League of Women Voters of Texas President Grace Chimene on Election Changes Needed Needed to Deal with COVID-19

The Power of Women
We are all very concerned about the emerging threat of the coronavirus. I want to thank you for your continued support and patience as we work together through the impact of this health care threat on our League family, our local communiti
Texas Election Dates

Whoohoo! Once again we have a stellar turn out in Texas! I am so proud of our Texas League and all the Leagues across Texas.

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