Contact Your Legislator

General Script and Talking Points
2016 Election Outcomes and Talking Points
Questions for Legislators

Find your legislator's contact info using the Texas Legislative Council's website.  Then decide on a way to contact them, either by phone, mail, email, or plan a visit to their office. See our tips for talking with elected officials below.

  • You can also work with your group to engage candidates and/or elected representatives on Facebook and Twitter. To join others like you online, use #FairMapsTexas when posting on Twitter and Facebook.
  • You can also attend town halls or candidate forums and ask about about their experience running in a district that is uncompetitive due to gerrymandering.
  • Ask if they support redistricting reform and what their plan is to stop gerrymandering (more questions can be found above.)

Here are some tips for talking to your legislators Effective Messaging:

  1. Lead with values.
  2. Explain why it matters.
  3. Highlight the goal we are trying to achieve.

Before going to the office:

  • When you walk into a legislator's office, ask to speak to the staff member who works on redistricting reform.
  • Introduce yourself as a member of the League of Women Voters. Be sure to give them your contact info: name, address and/or just your zip code.
  • Share values and information on why redistricting reform is important (script and talking points above.)
  • Emphasize support from the community for redistricting reform.
  • Ask questions prepared by the LWV (above) in order to find opportunities to work on common ground.
  • Share a story about how redistricting has negatively affected you.
  • Thank them for their time and leave the group's contact info with them in case they have any follow up questions.
  • After your appointment, sign the guestbook.