Convention 2020

Convention 2020

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Convention 2020

We are planning our first ever online Zoom Convention webinar Saturday April 18 at 1:00 pm.

The League of Women Voters of Texas is going high tech! The convention will be held online in a Zoom webinar to take action on key business items - adopting a budget, board member elections, and voting on the program(s) for the next biennium. In this streamlined convention, only delegates will be in attendance. If you are interested in being a delegate, please check with your local League president asap, as the deadline to submit delegates names has passed, but your League may still have openings for delegates. A separate email with details of the convention, the caucus Q&A's on the budget and program and practice session will be sent to delegates. 

Convention Resources

  • Rules of Convention - HERE
  • Order of Business - HERE 
  • Getting Ready for Zoom Webinars - Easy as 1 - 2 - 3! HERE


The LWVTX board of directors is considering various options for the workshops and speakers that are such an integral part of the convention. Possibilities include some combination of convening a meeting in the fall/winter and hosting webinars. 


Thank you for taking responsibility to be a delegate to the League of Women Voters of Texas 2020 Convention. The League is the only true grassroots organization focusing on empowering voters and defending democracy. As a grassroots organization the members are responsible for the guidance and oversight of the organization and the biennial convention is the vehicle for that to happen.
The convention tasks are to:
  1. nominate and vote on the Texas League's leadership, the board of directors;
  2. review and vote on the budget; and
  3. review and vote on Texas League program updates.

All of the information regarding the board nominees, the budget and the program proposals can be found in the Convention Workbook below:

Typically at a convention there is a Budget Q & A and a Program Caucus so that members can ask questions and learn more about these facets of the organization prior to voting. In lieu of in person meetings, the board of LWVTX will hold these caucuses as Zoom meetings. Delegates should check their email to register for these events.

Convention Calendar

  • April 9 - Noon - 1 PM - Budget Q & A 
  • April 10 - Noon - 1 PM - Convention Practice Sessio
  • April 14 - 1-2 PM - Program Caucus 
  • April 18 - 1 - 3 PM - LWVTX 2020 Convention - Delegates will be pre-registered by the office and receive an email with the details to log on.